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New World Interactive was founded in 2010 with a vision to create hardcore, immersive, close-quarters-combat FPS games. Our founder, and the small team that joined him, were a group of prior modders, many of whom worked on the mod, Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, which was the predecessor to our breakout game, Insurgency. 

In the first year after launch (2014) of Insurgency, the game achieved 2nd most purchased game on Steam for all non free-to-play, premium games. Since that time Insurgency has been played by over 8 million gamers all over the world and we’ve earned the #1 selling spot on Steam multiple times. In 2017 we launched Day of Infamy, a World War II themed FPS and then Insurgency: Sandstorm was launched in 2018. To date we’ve had nearly 11 million gamers play our games and this is just on PC! With the move to console both for Insurgency:Sandstorm and future titles, we anticipate a tremendous surge in player count and greater awareness about New World Interactive and our ground-breaking FPS titles.

As a company we are committed to an extraordinary culture and work environment that is best-in-class. We are pioneers in the new age of game development, committed to constantly improving ourselves and exceeding the expectations of our community, emphasizing a Player First mindset in everything we do. We’ve got two active projects in development (hint: both FPS games!) and we’re seeking to add more passionate, highly skilled individuals looking to join the industry's next AAA studio. Come join the New World and discover a completely different approach to game development where you have impact and voice, and where your success is unlimited!

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Our Values

Players First
We maintain a mindset based on delivering great gaming experiences that our players will love. We are our players and we understand what they want, and we work tirelessly to build the most immersive gaming experience possible.
Work-Life Balance
We’re anti-crunchers and emphasize balance for everyone on our team. We make sure to be part of the world and not only part of the gaming world. Vacation and time off is encouraged, and life away from work is supported to help us all recharge and be even more successful when we are working.
We have an alignment and enrollment approach to working with one another. We don’t demand. We don’t direct. We don’t force. Our team members enjoy agency and an opportunity to have impact beyond anything they’ve experienced elsewhere. We actively listen and we have built an organization where communication is at the heart of everything we do.
Success is great. But, celebrating success is even better. We recognize one another and ourselves, and we consistently acknowledge all the hard work we’ve put into our projects. The joy of celebrating makes all the hard work worthwhile.
In it Together
Building games is hard. Building successful games is even hard. When we are in-it-together, it’s easier to push through the defeats, to build greater success, to support each other’s growth. This mentality is at the core of our company and our team. We are a united team and we are absolutely IN-IT-TOGETHER.

Perks & Benefits

🏥 Health Benefits
We offer a supplemental benefits package that is the best of the best, with exceptional dental, vision and pharmacy components. Additionally, our plan includes short and long-term disability, life insurance and alternative care components that add up to a great employee and family package.
∞ Unlimited Paid Time-Off
Unlimited days off ...hard to beat that!
📚 Development Reimbursement 🏄
We offer both an educational and a personal development reimbursement plan. The first is to help you grow as a game developer. The second is to help you do the things that excite you and from which you find joy...things like health club memberships, climbing lessons, yoga and meditation classes, language lessons, they’re all available for reimbursement. Our goal is to help you be the best you can be and our programs are built to support that.
✈ Plentiful Vacation / Closed Periods
In addition to standard vacation periods, much like other studios, we also close our company for everyone at the end of December (8-10 days). The combined time away from work helps our team members to reset, recharge and restart...and ensures they have lots of time to be with friends and family, and away from the challenges of building games.
🏠 Onsite or Remote
We’ve built New World to support employees working onsite or remotely. As long as you can work at standard studio times, we’re open to remote work arrangements. Our team members [will] pick their preference and that allows them to have the lifestyle they enjoy the most. Note: Will relates to when we get back to the studio after Covid.
💵 Bonus Opportunity
As the company succeeds, you have an opportunity to succeed [financially] as well. We’ve created a great bonus plan that can result in bonuses up to 100% of your salary in years when we ‘knock it out of the ball park’. Our team is motivated to create big results and when you join NW you get to participate in those results as well.

Company Timeline

New World History

Company Founded

New World Interactive was originally founded in 2010, with humble beginnings as a small ambitious team. Its core members were heavily involved in a series of successful total conversion mods, including Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat and Red Orchestra. The team was inexperienced with developing commercial games, but found themselves greatly inspired and motivated by the successes of other mod-turned-games of the time.

Insurgency Released

The launch of Insurgency in January of 2014 was the culmination of these efforts. The game, true to its name, defied what many people considered to be standard for first-person shooter games. The interface did away with on-screen crosshairs and other less-than-critical elements in favor of immersion, and the experience revolved around objectives which required coordination between players. Insurgency was one of the top selling and most highly played games on Steam in 2014. Today, Insurgency has sold over 5 million units and has a 90% rating on Steam, and you can also find thousands of people playing at any given moment.

Day of Infamy Released

With Insurgency’s success, the young company was propelled into a period of growth. Between 2014 and 2017 the team grew from 18 developers located all around the world into a team double the size with a studio where the core team worked. During this period NWI developed free content for the Insurgency community while also experimenting with new projects. Day of Infamy was one of the projects that emerged during this time, taking Insurgency’s gameplay and bringing it to World War II. The other project would eventually become what is now Insurgency: Sandstorm, the Unreal Engine 4 based sequel.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Released

Insurgency: Sandstorm is the sequel to the indie breakout FPS Insurgency, reborn for PC and for the first time on consoles – improved, expanded, and bigger in every way.

New World Expands North

New World Interactive, the award-winning developer of the multi-million selling Insurgency video game franchise, today announced it will open another development studio ‘New World North’ in Calgary, Canada. The move comes in anticipation of sustained company growth after the highly successful PC launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm and upcoming console version slated for 2019.

New World Joins Embracer Group as Part of Saber Interactive

This partnership will enable New World to leverage a vast amount of publishing, marketing, and development resources as part of the wider Embracer Group and Saber Interactive ecosystem.

New World Goes East

New World announces the opening of a new development studio “New World East” in Montréal, Canada. The move comes in anticipation of sustained company growth after the acquisition by Embracer Group and the upcoming console launch of Insurgency: Sandstorm slated for early 2021.

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